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Casino Nights

Our Casino Nights are the best in Scotland. They consist of both Roulette and Blackjack tables and are manned by friendly professional croupiers, fully trained, helpful and dressed for the occasion. Ideal for either corporate or fundraising events, the Casino Night is an excellent way to entertain your clients and staff or to raise funds for your organisation or charity. Our package starts with one Roulette and one Blackjack table and can be increased relative to the numbers of people in attendance.

Our casino nights come in two different formats: Corporate or Fundraising. In both formats, the organisers of the event provide a number of prizes for the most successful 'players'.

On a CORPORATE CASINO night, the organiser would present each participant with a set amount of 'fun money'. Their aim thereafter would simply be to accrue the maximum amount of return for their money and hopefully be successful (and lucky) enough to win a prize.

On a FUNDRAISING CASINO night the participants purchase 'fun money' from their own pocket. For example, 10 of real money would buy 100 of 'fun money' with an option of purchasing a further "100" if they manage to blow the first lot! The amount can be tailored to suit the budgets of the players.

Our casino nights last between two and three hours. With a two table Casino Night, running over two hours would require a 10-15 minute interval. With more than two tables, croupiers' refreshment breaks can be alternated, maintaining two tables in constant use.

We also offer a 'Deluxe Full Table' Casino Night where we can supply full size authentic casino tables for that extra special occasion.

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