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Jason Porter is Michael Buble
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The Quiz with a difference! Here's a flavour...


The Format, Some Suggestions & the RULES!

Don't take it too seriously! It's a bit of fun, for heaven's sake!

Make sure you've got pens and some scribbling paper. Questions are not repeated at the end of any round so you're advised to make notes as you go along. This will typically be the responsibility of the players in the team other than The Captain and The Gopher, the former who would normally complete the answer sheets whilst the latter fetches the drinks.

Please remember to write your selected country's name on all answer sheets.

The number of rounds in the quiz should be approximately proportional to the number of rounds acquired at the bar during the evening. It is a relaxed quiz and there will be plenty of opportunity.

The evening is divided into three parts.

Part 1 features a variety of 'set of 10' questions, interspersed with a couple of picture rounds. This, the more familiar face of quizzes, generally allows the brighter teams to come to the fore.

Part 2 is 'The Accumulator', where roughly the same amounts of points are available as in Part 1, but all in one go. A great 'catcher-upper' for the stragglers as it is possible to get a bit lucky.

Part 3 is 'The Buzzer Round (The Great Leveller)', featuring The Captain of each team plus up to three other members of the team. The team in 8th place 'plays off' against the team in 7th place place, the winner of this battle playing off against the team in 6th place etc. Therefore the team who emerges in pole position after the accumulator will only face one challenge; but this could potentially be from the team in 8th place who, due to their unexpected sharpness on the buzzers, fought through the ranks of higher placed - and smugger - teams to mount an unexpected challenge to the 'leaders', who in any ordinary quiz, would by now be looking down their noses at the lesser mortals surrounding them...

...had this been an ordinary quiz...

Mobile phones are a strict NO NO! Anyone spotted texting their pals at home for the answers (and there are saddos in this world that try this) will forfeit all points for their team for that round. Mobile phone rings during a round? Culprit buys an additional round of drinks for both the team AND the QuizMaster - no exceptions.


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