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Terms & Conditions

1. The Hirer and Artiste(s) agree that all Engagements between both parties within an 18-month period of the date of performance (in the event of multiple bookings this will be calculated from the last date) shall be negotiated through XS Promotions.

2. This contract reflects the terms and conditions as verbally agreed, and shall be accepted only when signed and returned to XS Promotions within 14 days of the agreement date, or not signed and returned and no written objection is received by XS Promotions by way of recorded delivery within 14 days of the agreement date.

3. Non-signature of this document is not sufficient to cancel this agreement. The Agency is not responsible for any non-fulfillment of contracts by Hirers or Artiste(s) but every safeguard is assured. In all events this Agency does not act as a promoter but as an entertainment agency, and cannot be held responsible for any financial claims resulting from any non-payment between the Hirer and the Artiste(s).

4. The Artiste(s) warrants that at the time of signing this contract he is not under any contract to any third party that might preclude him from fulfilling the engagement(s) set forth in the schedule of performances, and that he will not subsequently enter into any such contract and that he has not concealed any change of professional name or description.

5. In the case of inability to appear, the Artiste(s) must notify both the Agency and the Hirer immediately. In the case of illness the Artiste(s) must produce to the Agency a medical certificate within 4 days of the date of cancellation. If the certificate is sent by post, recorded delivery must be used.

6. In the event of the Hirer cancelling the Engagement within 30 days of the date scheduled for the performance, the Artiste(s) or representative(s) thereof will be entitled to full payment of the contracted fee, payable no later than 7 days from the date that the Engagement was cancelled. In the event of the Hirer cancelling the Engagement 31 days or more prior to the date scheduled for the performance, the Artiste(s) or representative(s) thereof will be entitled to 50% of the contracted fee, payable no later than 7 days from the date that the Agency receives notice of the cancellation of the Engagement. In either event, the Agency is not responsible for any payment to the Artiste(s) until 7 days after receiving a cancellation fee (or part of) by the Hirer. In the event of a 50% cancellation fee applying, this fee will revert to 100% if not received by the Agency within 7 days of the date of cancellation. 7. Any additional rider clauses attached to this contract will form an integral part of this contract and signed by both parties and will be adhered to in every way

7. It is agreed that XS Promotions reserve the right to impose a surcharge of 10% of any payment due by either the Artiste(s) or the Hirer, whichever is liable, if a contracted and agreed payment is not received within one calendar month of the date of performance. This compound surcharge may be continually added every calendar month thereafter until payment is made.

8. XS Promotions has authorisation to collect the Artiste(s)' fees owed to the agency (including surcharges for late payment) on this engagement or any previous engagements can be stopped at source. The Agency will furnish the Artiste(s) with relevant invoices/receipts as applicable.

9. It is agreed that in the event of this contract being cancelled by either party, clause 2 will continue to be applicable.

10. The Artiste(s) or signatory on behalf of the Artiste(s) hereby agree to declare any fees for engagements to HM Inspector of Taxes and will for the purpose of this contract be classed as self employed and also be responsible for any National Insurance contributions and declaration to HM Customs & Excise Department if applicable. In addition, Artistes are personally responsible for public liability cover in relation to this agreement.

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